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The Street Master Concealed Carry Shirt, the Best Holster Shirt in the world!


ONLY  $49.95

Comes in - Medium, Large, XL


Made of 100% cotton twill for great fit, feel and drape. Reinforced seams ensure the holster pockets do not affect appearance.

The StreetMaster Holster shirt is designed for both comfort and functionality, and can be worn from the field into more formal settings maintaining style while being fully functional at all times.

The shirt is currently available in Black Only. Custom orders can be accommodated to produce shirts in any color or pattern. *Conditions Apply


The StreetMaster Concealed Carry Shirts features two roomy holster-pockets [A], cleverly hidden in the front center placket seams, suitable for either left or right-hand draw. Designed to accommodate a Keltec 32 cal. semi-auto, NAA 380, Glock 23 or similarly sized weapon.  The opposite pocket is then ideal to comfortably carry a spare magazine and / or canister of pepper spray.

Also featured are discreetly hidden cuff pockets [B] that will easily house a mini knife, handcuff key, small survival tool or small transmitter. The simplicity and functionality is amazing and that is the mark of a well-developed and tested product.

The StreetMaster Holster Shirt  Features The StreetMaster Holster Shirt in Action


The Street Master Concealed Carry Shirt, the Best Holster Shirt in the world!


Black Star Ops Holster Shirt is the quickest to draw your firearm. The Street Master Concealed Carry Shirt, the Best Holster Shirt in the world!

The Street Master is the ORIGINAL and First Holster Shirt Ever Made. Designed and Developed by Emil Vicale Design.

Concealed Carry Shirt products were developed through our research into what is available in tactical clothing options, and particularly that most tactical gear looked like tactical gear. We added the perfect twist for government, police and security agencies the ability to wear tactical gear while blending into the crowd.

The Technology: The Black Star Ops Development / CAD Team was tasked to design and develop this new genre of "Urban Tactical Gear" and to ensure the design incorporated durability, functionality and quality. Now. after 2 full years of development, prototyping and field-testing, we are proud to introduce our first product, the StreetMaster, and have many more uniquely functional urban tactical clothing products under development and testing.

The Mission: Our mission is to provide high quality, reasonably priced personal Covert Tactical Clothing to government, police and security personnel, as well as civilians who may be working in high-risk situations or locations. We have intentionally kept the price of these products as low as possible because we believe that no one should sacrifice personal safety for the sake of a dollar!

Terrorists are certainly among us in America, and even here we may be at risk of becoming a hostage. Our tactical adult clothing products contributes to your ability to protect yourself and others. Terrorism threats are a reality and could occur anywhere, any time, to any one of us.

Surprise is always a valuable tactical advantage ... these new clothing styles can afford you the element of surprise at a moment when you may need it most!

Black Star Ops Concealed Carry Shirt is perfectly designed and are ideal for off-duty / off-site wear in hostile zones abroad by military and foreign service personnel, as well as others who's jobs and activities place them potentially at risk. Recent events in the Middle East involving hostage takings underscore the need for vigilance and round-the-clock preparedness in such areas. 

Law enforcement agencies will find these shirts ideal for placing members unobtrusively in situations requiring a prepared presence, or in some cases for undercover operations.

Designed and Developed by Emil Vicale for Black Star OPS

Customer Testimonial

Security expert from an unnamed 5-sided building in the Washington, DC area

On Design . . . "We have solved the weapon print problem. Great workmanship. We love it!"

"Better than 5.11 tactical shirts by a long shot." CT LAW Enforcement

"The best covert tactical shirt . . . "

"This shirt is the best tactical shirt to conceal my NAA 380"

"If you have a Keltec 32, this is the convert tactical shirt for you"

"Eliminates the need for travel wallet, undercover security wallet and passport holder"

Black Star Ops

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