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We will charge your credit card when you place your order to ensure your place in shipping as well as determining which orders are valid. Charges to your credit card will appear as " Vicale"

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Returns are subject to a 50% restocking and processing charge for merchandise only. Merchandise that has been opened are not refundable. 


Important Notes:
Carrying a weapon, concealed or otherwise, and / or the possession of pepper spray may be unlawful in your jurisdiction. Make sure you know the law before you carry either.
 WHERE TO FIND STATE-SPECIFIC CCW INFORMATION., THE best source for this on the whole web. And, Frequently Asked Packing Questions, FAPQ on the same site. Carrying a legal & licensed firearm can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient. The Anti-Terrorist shirt was conceived by our design and development team with comfort and convenience in mind.


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